Colorplan Paper Card

Colorplan Paper Card -

The Story of Colorplan 

By 1972 the GF Smith Colorplan range was carefully, skilfully and methodically assembled. Never before had a paper range offered such a broad range of colours in the weights and finishes we offer.

Colorplan changed the landscape of printed communications. In the hands of a flourishing generation of graphic designers and forward thinking printers, the range formed the basis of design and advertising work of a style that had simply not been previously possibly.  Having established a new standard of colour sophistication and subtle texture, Colorplan has continued to evolve. Its range has never been as comprehensive  or more ideally suited to meet the demands of the modern creative as it is today.

Born into a changing world, Colorplan remains an iconic and indispensable element of the designer’s craft. In 1972 the revolutionary Colorplan had no predecessor. Today, it remains without equal.

50 Colours

Continual research by the Colorplan development team maintains a comprehensive and inspiring palette. Whatever the colour, consistent and excellent fade-resistant hues are guaranteed by using virgin pulp and dyed-through pigmentation from lightfast dyes.

3 Weights

Colorplan is offered in three weights 175gsm, 270gsm and 350gsm.


Print Performance

Colorplan is a premium uncoated stock, refined in the paper-making process for print performance. As well as its proven compatibility with traditional printing techniques such as lithography, foil blocking, letterpress and embossing, Colorplan is suitable for Xerox, iGen, Kodak NexPress, Colour Laser and guaranteed for Oce digital print techniques.

Environmental Credentials

As well as being fully recyclable and biodegradable, Colorplan has FSC certification meaning that the pulps used are all from managed forests. It is also Heavy Metal Free and because the bleaching process avoids the use of harmful chlorine, it is classifies ECF.


To demonstrate the true quality of Colorplan, sample sheets are available on request at a small cost per sheet.

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